New Year’s Eve

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Oct 302009

New Year’s Eve, Delhi

New Year's EveIntroduction To New Year’s Eve:

New Year’s in Delhi is party time for its residents. Be it because Delhi is the capital of India or the fact that it is meeting point of cross cultural influences, Delhi has a very cosmopolitan feel. A number of people from varying backgrounds call Delhi home. For people from Haryana, in the west; UP, in the south; and Punjab, in the north; Delhi is the obvious destination for an upwardly mobile life.

Delhi’s social fabric comprises of many communities. But, no matter which community a Delhiite belongs to, he celebrates New Year’s Eve with fun and gaiety.

Description of New Year’s Eve:

Due to different culture, religion and language, Delhi experiences a rich heritage where traditions meet and mixes to each other to form a wonderful heritage. New Year’s Eve in Delhi is mainly celebrated on 31st night when the city lights up with decorative items and various colorful lights. People welcome the coming year with warmth and hospitality, the parties and the social gatherings show the involvement of people that takes place in the capital of India. Fireworks and the countdowns for the new year create a special effect on the locals. Te overnight parties and celebrations have become a part of New Year’s eve fiesta. The celebration takes place in every pubs, night clubs and discos where the new year eve is the celebrated mainly with party music and dance carnivals. The dance and party are the best way to celebrate the last night of the passing year. The carnival and the private parties are also organized that make the eve more enjoyable.

Time For Celebration of New Year’s Eve:

Different cultures of India represent individualism; well-known for its festivals and celebration that nit only blends different traditions of the country but it unites west and the east. The new year eve according to English calendar is celebrated on 31st of December.

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