Independence Day

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Oct 302009

Independence Day

Independence DayDate      15th August

Venue     Red Fort

Highlights  Prime Minister’s Speech, Flag Hoisting and Parade

Independence DayIndependence Day in India commemorates 15th August, the day on which India attained independence. After remaining under British rule for over 100 years, India finally regained freedom in the year 1947. Declared a National holiday, the Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country with much fanfare and gaiety. Functions are organized in each and every state, where the Chief Minister does the flag hoisting. Various cultural programs also characterize the Independence Day celebrations in India.

On the Independence Day functions are organized in each and every school of the country and flag hoisting takes place, along with the singing of the National anthem. However, the grandest celebrations take place in the capital city of India, New Delhi. The festival starts with the address of the Prime Minister of India to the nation from ramparts of the Red Fort. Thereafter, Independence Day festival at Delhi proceeds forward with the flag hoisting ceremony by the Prime Minister of India. The Independence Day Parade by the personnel of the police and armed forces follows soon after.


The national flag is hoisted on the ramparts of Red Fort, New Delhi by the Prime Minister of India. It is a national holiday while the government offices are lit. In the capital as well as in various state capitals flag hoisting ceremony is observed followed by various cultural programs and friendly competitions. It is day to commemorate the power of Unity of the Indians which were able to drag out the British Rule which was ruling India for nearly two centuries. Flag hoisting is also observed in various private organizations including schools and colleges followed by ceremonial speeches. Family and friends greet each other with slogans like Vande Mataram or Jai Hind. Patriotic films with the theme based on Indian Independence Struggle is also broadcasted in various regional and national television channels.

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