Garden Tourism Festival

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Oct 302009

Garden Tourism Festival, New Delhi

garden-tourism-festivalThe Garden Tourism Festival in New Delhi is one of the most important events organized by the Delhi Tourism Department. The three days of the flower festival that is held annually at the end of the February is the best place to see the exotic varieties of the flowers that are displayed in the Garden Tourism Festival.

The Garden Tourism Festival of New Delhi offers a nature lover an opportunity to get closer to nature amidst the commotion of the busy city life. It was with this sole intention that the Garden Tourism Festival was started in 2004. With the approach of the Garden Tourism Festival it sees that whole of Delhi dresses with the lovely bright colored flowers. It is for this festival that thousands of flower enthusiasts keep waiting all throughout the year.

See the colorful roses and the dahlias that are exhibited here. Experience the beauty of the numerous potted pants, the home plants and the amazing bonsais that simply leave you speechless. As you the beauty of the nature you just cannot stop admiring them. See the different varieties of the chrysanthemum and ikebana that are very beautiful. As you walk past the vivacious exhibition that houses the wide array of flowers you feel yourself transported into the different world- a world of beauty, love and dream. In simple words the Garden Tourism Festival is a heavenly experience that you can feel on earth.

In addition to the flower displays, the Garden Tourism Festival hosts a number of cultural performances that enlivens the festival on a much larger platform. There are several painting competitions for the children, art camps for the youngsters. Enjoy the ‘kavi sammelans’. In addition to these you can also meet several flower enthusiasts who can be of great help as you mange to gather a few useful tips regarding gardening.

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