Christmas Festival

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Oct 302009

Christmas Festival in Delhi

ChristmasChristmas in Delhi is a grand affair. Christianity is the third most prevalent religion in India constituting about 2.9% of the entire population and even though most of the Christians are located in the southern half of the country, their main festival Christmas is celebrated with much hype in the capital city of India- Delhi.

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25 to mark the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Traditionally Christmas is celebrated by decorating a fir tree that function as a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts with their loved ones. Even though Christmas falls on December 25, it is the Christmas Eve, that is December 24 that is the main day for celebrations when families get together and usher in Christmas together. As the clock strikes 12 in the midnight, one can see Christians going to the nearest church to offer Mass.

In Delhi, Christmas is time for bonhomie. Days before the actual festival, one can see Santa Clauses, an integral part of the Christmas Celebrations in front of all shops. All hotels and nightclubs advertise for grand bashes and Christmas parties. Connaught Place, the hub of Delhi puts up a special Christmas Carnival sale. The shops are decorated with balloons and other items. Overall, an ambience of goodwill and cheer prevails all over. All the churches in Delhi are lit up and beautifully decorated. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is the biggest church in Delhi and attracts hordes of worshippers on Christmas.

Many hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and banquet halls in Delhi organize parties on Christmas. Christmas holiday in Delhi is time for shopping, enjoying and partying. Christmas celebrations in New Delhi, the capital of India, are incomplete without the Santa Claus. Days before the actual festival, Santa Clauses can be seen roaming around and distributing gifts at a number of places. One of the main markets of Delhi, Connaught Place, even puts up a special Christmas Carnival sale. All the churches of Delhi, especially the Sacred Heart Cathedral are beautifully lit up and decorated at the time of Christmas.

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