Basant Panchami

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Oct 302009

Basant Panchami Hindu Festival,  Delhi

basant-panchamiThis is a festival where everyone specially the younger generation dress in their best clothes and if possible wears them in yellow.

Kites are sold on a large scale during this festival. Nobody works on this day.

This is the day is to have fun and keep aside all the worries and tension that one has.

This festival comes anytime during the moth of January to February. Basant basically means the spring time and Panchami means five i.e. the fifth day of the spring season. The color associated with Basant Panchami is yellow.

On this day all the preparations are done in yellow. The temples in Delhi are decorated in yellow flowers; these yellow flowers are also used while worshipping God.

Instead of gulal which is red in colour turmeric powder is used to make tilak on the forehead which is yellow in colour. Sweets made on this day are also yellow which is due to kesar put in it. The goddess of knowledge i.e Saraswati is worshipped on this day.

All the children in Delhi especially on this day pray to Goddess Saraswati for better future and good knowledge in everything the do. In Delhi a fruit called ber which grows on a large scale in the north is given as Prasad to the people who visit the temples.

Goddess is seen sitting on a fully bloomed lotus with a white sere with a divine look on the face. It is believed that Goddess removes all the darkness from the world and fills it with knowledge on this day. The various ceremonies to be fulfilled on this day are carried out on the banks of river Saraswati. Some Vedas also believe that this festival is celebrated in the honor of the river Goddess Saraswati.

No matter what different Vedas believe this pious day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect for the Goddess in Delhi. The whole capital enjoys this day to full extent.

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