Oct 312009

Central Baptist Church in Delhi

central-churchLocated on the main Chandni Chowk road opposite Gurdwara Sisganj before Bhai Mati Das Cjowk or Fountain chowk is Central Baptist Church in Delhi. The first of its kind in North India, Central Baptist Church in Delhi was erected as a symbol of Christian activities.

In the latter half of the 18th century, the Baptist Missionary society (BMS), London, bought a few acres of land near the Red fort. The Central Baptist Church in Delhi was erected here a few years later in the year 1814. This age-old church exemplifies fine traits of European architecture. The southern entrance of church is marked by a series of arches supported on thick heavy circular columns. Similarly huge verandahs with semi-circular colonnades are distinguished features of the other two sides. The church is well preserved with its colorful designs and intricate carvings. However, the roof of the church has been refurbished with stones and iron beams and shafts. Plaques are engraved on the walls of the church commemorating the services of the devotees who served the church for their entire life. The church also encloses a primary school. One of the must see spots in Old Delhi is the Central Baptist Church in Delhi.

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