Ashok Hotel New Delhi

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Ashok Hotel in Delhi

Ashok Hotel Delhi

Ashok Hotel Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India. The city boasts of a rich historical background and has witnessed ascent and descent of many empires. Delhi city has now become an administrative and commercial center. It presents a great contrast in all spheres. It has the age old charm and glory as well as the present day cosmopolitan characteristic. It is one of the most advanced cities in the country, even from the point of view of tourism. The cultural heritage of the place is unique and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world.

The various historical places located in Delhi are its legacy given by the great emperors who ruled here. As a result, the place has become a must visit tourist spot of India. Delhi travel guide will provide you all the information on the various aspects of the city. From shopping to eating out, from monuments to malls, Delhi has got it all. You will be enthralled to see the spirit of the people here.


If ever there was an icon in the hospitality industry, this is it.Located in the verdant diplomatic enclave of India’s modern capital city, New Delhi, the hotel is set on a sprawling 25 acre landscaped jewel. This magnificent red sandstone edifice has been witness to history and indeed its very own backdrop.

550 well appointed rooms, with 60 executive suites, 40 double suites, 10 deluxe suites and a Presidential suit with tasteful Indian bric-a-brac gives you a unique experience. “Since the hotel represents the nation in a certain sense, the visual part of the nation and its many suites, deluxe, Presidential and other.

The Natraj Suite for example, which shows India’s south, of temple bells and dance, the Kashmir Suite that with paper Mache and walnut produces the premonition of tumbled mountains of ice and show, of smiling fields of saffron, windless and warm in the spring sunshine, There is the Rajput Suite, colored red and yellow like the desert of which Rajasthan is made, with the beaten copper and brass on wood that stir the eyes with rupture.

Banquets & Conferences:

Then there are the Emerald and Neelam Suites, named after the precious stone, done in green and blue Indian fabrics gleaming with the iridescence of peacocks in the subdue light, glinting and reflecting in the grave mirrored surfaces, seems blunted as though in a sub aqueous world.

The spell-binding Presidential Suite with its attached smaller suites, Like satellites round a planet, is yet another. Velvet crystal and silk curtains giant chandeliers and throwrugs of Kashmir all add to sheer splendor of the suite.

Some of the greatest names of our times, from everywhere in the world are registered in its Guest Book. Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, event emperors have passed through its gates.

Welcome to the world of The Ashok conventions. A world which combines the best of both the worlds living up to the demands of modern day clinical and clockwork efficiency without losing out on the grace and warmth of the old world hospitality.

Only The Ashok offers you the freedom to choose as much room as you want. From the fairly compact Ruby suite to the spacious Convention Hall which has room enough to accommodate 2000 in theatre style. Equipped with all the facilities you could look for. The fact is when you host a convention at The Ashok it will keep up to its tradition of success.

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