Archaeological Museum, Delhi

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Nov 022009

Archaeological Museum in Delhi

archaeological_museumArchaeological Museum of Delhi, located in the Mumtaz Mahal (palace dedicated to Shah Jahan`s much-loved, wife, Mumtaz Mahal ) of the Red Fort, preserves the golden tradition and the magnificence of Mughal regime, that India was bestowed with.

The Archaeological Museum, has housed, exclusive antiquity, belonging to the Mughal rule, and has treasured precious manuscripts, highlighting on the literary power and penmanship of ancient India.

In 1911, the Archaeological Museum was designed with the mission to gather all significant articles that cast around Delhi, the halo of historical importance. Or in other word, things which can make one relive the splendor of the past , through a view of them.

Among the wide spectrum of antiquarian products, exhibited in the Museum, arts, calligraphic assignments, dresses and accessories, maps, manuscripts, decrees or firmans and weapons, of Mughal period, deserve mention.

Mumtaz Mahal Museum – Archaeological Museum, DelhiThe Archaeological Museum, Delhi, consists of different departments. For instance, one department , is devoted to the 2nd and 3rd century artistic venture.

Again, there is a distinct compartment for the Indus Valley Civilization. One must know, that one such segment, of Archaeological Museum, Delhi, has been offered to the reminiscence-kindling objects of the Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. It incorporates, the resplendent pearl-embroidered silk drapery and a silver hookah, used by the eminent Emperor.

The collection, namely maps and weapons, related to the resurging Revolt of 1857, during British Raj, have found a place of prominence in this Museum.

Swords of various patterns , hookahs, chess sets, textiles with ornate embroidery , gorgeous blue tiles, beautiful paintings and so on, happen to be the hallmark of Archaeological Museum, Delhi.

The Archaeological Museum, Delhi, is the right site for workshops and seminars, organized for the spread of historical knowledge among the tourists, arriving in the city of Delhi . The visiting schedule for everyday was 10 am to 5 pm, leaving Fridays and the government holidays.

The Archaeological Museum, Delhi will continue to enchant visitors with its historical aura.

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