Air Force Museum Delhi

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Nov 022009

Air Force Museum , Delhi

air-force-museumThe Air Force Museum, Delhi, is housed within the ground-space of the historical Palam Air Force Station. It bears an aura of historical significance with it. Any aviation-crazy mind will love to witness the testimonials of the outstanding courage and glorious history of the aviation-battalion of India. However, the Naval Air Museum in Goa, has followed the footsteps of the prestigious Air Force Museum. The wide dazzling spectrum of history commences from the days of the Royal Flying Corps , participating in the First World War, to the perilous Kargil Operations. The regalia of pictures, mementoes, souvenirs, models, and the actual aircraft used for the war-encounters, crowd in the shelves.

Air Force Museum, Delhi -IAFM Uniforrm galleryThe Museum houses an intriguing Indoor Gallery consisting of the graphic representation of the history of the Indian Air Force. The wonderful display of memorabilia, uniforms, personal arms and ammunitions of various times fill the mind with awe. The joy of gazing at real-life aircrafts is simply indescribable. Moreover, vital implements such as Ordnance, Anti Aircraft Guns, Vehicles and other consorted articles, add to the brewing enthusiasm of the people about the place . A few aircrafts are so outsized, that they cannot be fitted in the air-dock, and are thus exhibited on the forestage. The Outdoor Gallery also showcases War trophies, Radar Implement and Conquered Enemy transport .

Model of Vintage Aircraft Flight – North American Harvard – HT 291The awesome models of Vintage Aircraft Flight, out of bounds to the common visitors, have still been sustained with their operational capabilities. In spite of fund-deficiency, the air-military personnel, committed to preserve the IAF Vintage Aircraft Flight in their best conditions. The still splendid, Spitfire Mk VIIIe NH631 of the IAF`s Vintage Aircraft Flight was moved around the ground on the Air Force Day, 1999. Again, the North American Harvard – HT 291, colored in brilliant yellow, went past the podium, on the occasion of the Republic Day, 1998. One of the mind-blowing Gnats in the Museum, is an Ajeet (Gnat Mk.2) E-265, belonging to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. There are other such models too in the reserve. Indeed, it is fascinating to learn, that the Air Force Museum curators have maintained these invaluable heritage-pieces with such praiseworthy diligence.

Even the Transport Aircraft installed outside at the chief apron of the Palam Air Station, is an off-limit presence. This so because, the safety clauses and privacy rules of the functioning Air Force station, is maintained meticulously. Only on the Air Force Day , annually, the doors of all the sections of the Air Force Museum, Delhi, allows access to everybody.

Modern trend of Aircraft – Sukhoi-7The modern trends of aircrafts are visible in the later versions of jet-fighter planes, displayed in the Museum. For example, the MiG-21 and the Sukhoi-7, hailing from Russia, deserve attention. Again, the single HAL Marut , also the second instance of a Hunter, is captivating enough.

However, the more recent editions, such as the MiG-21 bis or, the MiG-23 BN, endowed with certain changes, in comparison to the earlier ones, have not yet entered the list of repertory. Nevertheless, some related showpieces are present in other IAF bases. And the latest inclusions involve, Iskras, an uncommon and striking MiG-25R and a MiG-23MF.

The Indian Air Force Museum, Delhi, has demonstrated the ordnance stuffs , borne by these aircraft.

IAF-BREVETSEvery aircraft, kept on presentation, are bestowed with the by the squadron crests, th heraldry emblems of the units , engaged in assignments with these aircrafts . The IAF Brevets are wonderful emblematic structures, evocative of an air of dignity and respect, enveloping the Air Force Officials. IAF Pilots wings, circa 1933, IAF Pilots, circa 1942, wherein the crown-image in circa 1933, has been replaced by the star are curious displays to watch at. In the IAF Pilot Wings 1946, introducing letter `R`, stands for the “Royal” attribute associated with the aviation- warriors, subject to the allegiance of the British Empire in India. In the IAF Pilots Wings, 1950, coming into existence, after the Republic-formation of India, the Crown symbol was substituted with our National signifier, the Ashoka symbol.

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